The “Archie” Alpaca Mug


Introducing our exclusive “Archie” Alpaca Mug – a delightful homage to Archie, the voracious and assertive member of our charming alpaca family. This robust, ceramic mug brings a touch of Archie’s unmistakable personality to your daily routine, ensuring every sip you take is filled with a sense of fun and vivacity.

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Splashed across this mug is a picture of Archie in his happy place – amidst feed! Known as the greediest of the bunch, Archie is always the first in line at feeding time and decidedly the last one out. His relentless love for munching makes him a dominant, if not bossy, figure, and his antics are enough to spark a laugh at any time of day.

Each “Archie” Alpaca Mug is not just a home to Archie’s life, his love for food, his dominant yet adorable character, and his irresistible charm. Each mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, offering practicality alongside a personality as strong as Archie’s.

Inscribed with Archie’s name for a personal touch, this mug is a wonderful addition to your mug collection or a thoughtful gift for fellow alpaca enthusiasts. Laugh along with Archie’s insatiable appetite and make every break a delightful mealtime with our “Archie” Alpaca Mug!

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