Farm Fresh Pickled Eggs


Experience the deliciousness of our Farm Fresh Pickled Eggs directly from Vallets Farm Barn. Our happy, free-range chickens deliver fresh, rich, and nutritious eggs, which we then transform into delightfully tangy pickled eggs using a tried-and-true family recipe.

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These eggs have a firm textured white and a creamy, flavourful yolk, enhanced by a well-balanced pickling blend. Marinated in a mixture of distilled vinegar, organic spices, and a hint of sugar, these eggs are a treat to your taste buds and offer a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness that will have you reaching for another.

Each jar is hand-packed to ensure you receive the best quality product. Enjoy these as a standalone snack, in salads, or as a unique ingredient in your dishes. As a product from our beloved chickens at Vallets Farm Barn, it doesn’t get any fresher than this! Enjoy the wholesome goodness of our farm to your home with these delightful pickled treats.

Note: As all our products are natural and free from preservatives, consume soon after purchase and refrigerate after opening. Moreover, being a handcrafted product, each batch might vary slightly in color and taste.

Don’t forget, your purchase goes to support our alpaca walking experiences and the continued well-being of our farm animals. Savor the taste of our Farm Fresh Pickled Eggs and enjoy a piece of Vallets Farm Barn from the comfort of your home!

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