Alpaca Wool Bird Nesting


Invigorate your garden life with our unique Alpaca Wool Bird Nesting from Vallets Farm Barn. Derived from our adorable and well-cared-for alpacas, this alpaca fibre provides an invitingly soft and warm lining material for bird nests, making your garden haven an attractive spot for our feathered friends during nesting season.

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Starting from early January, a simple scatter of our Alpaca Fibre across your garden can create a welcoming habitat for nesting birds. Enrich your bird-watching experience by observing a variety of birds as they swoop in to collect this luxurious fibre, skillfully incorporating it into their nests. It’s not just about supporting wildlife; it’s about enjoying the magic of nature right in your garden.

But the utility of our product doesn’t end there. Once the nesting season is over, you can reuse the holder for fat balls to keep feathered visitors flocking to your garden during winter. Please note that the holder design may not match the photo; however, it’s selected to ensure easy usage and sustainability.

As a product scattered with alpaca love from Vallets Farm Barn, your purchase goes a long way in supporting our enchanting alpacas and the general upkeep of other farm animals.

Enrich your garden, provide comfort for the birds, and enjoy delightful bird watching sessions with the Alpaca Wool Bird Nesting. It’s a little bit of our uplifting alpaca walking experiences right there in your garden. Let’s support nature together and enjoy its beauty!


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