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Bring a piece of Vallets Farm Barn home with our adorable 28cm Alpaca Soft Toys! These beautifully crafted companions, wearing vibrant jackets, capture the charming personality of our alpacas, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or a delightful addition to your own collection.

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Each soft toy is meticulously designed to showcase the appealing features of our real alpacas, with their characteristic long neck, fluffy body, and expressive eyes. At a petite height of 28cm, these soft toys are the perfect size for a cuddle or to take on adventures.

Adding to their charm is the choice of brightly coloured jackets – available in purple, brown, red, and green, providing an endearing whimsical touch. Each ‘jacketed’ alpaca toy is a cheerful reminder of the fun and warmth inherent in our farm’s alpaca walking experience.

These toys are wonderfully soft and huggable, made of high-quality plush and stuffing for lasting durability. They are suitable for alpaca lovers of all ages who wish to have their very own miniature alpaca to cuddle and love.

Remember, by purchasing our Alpaca Soft Toys, you are not only gaining a charming companion, but you are also supporting the well-being and care of our beloved alpacas and other farm animals.

Embrace the joy and whimsy of our alpaca walking farm with these delightful Alpaca Soft Toys. Perfect as a cherished toy for children or a charming display piece, they are ready to be welcomed by alpaca fans worldwide!

Washing Instructions: Gentle machine wash or hand wash using cold water and allow to air dry. Refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals.

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Purple, Brown, Red, Green


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