Our Alpacas

Meet the team that runs the show – our pack of 5 alpacas!

Perci (The shy one)

Perci is the most reserved one out of the bunch. His best friends are Chaz and Dave (The Pygmy Goats) they never leave each other’s side and you often see them cuddling together.

Quinn (Thinks hes a fish)

Born in the wrong body, he should have been a fish. Quinn is usually found splashing about in the paddling pool or, to our despair, the water trough. Quinn took a while to come out of his shell (no pun intended) but he’s definitely out of it now.

Archie (The Greedy One)

Archie is always first in line at feeding time, oh, and the last one out. He likes to think he’s the boss and boy does he get his own way!

Rupert (The Lazy One)

Rupert is the most laid back of the group. More often than not he’s found lounging around, living his best life. He’s the type that likes his food brought to him meaning he isnt a stranger to weightwatchers.

Didier (The Cheeky One)

Wherever you are Didier is, he likes to sneak up on you and nudge you in the hope you’ll give him a treat. How can you say no to that!? It took him time to build up his confidence but he’s certainly not timid anymore.

Peter (The goat!)

Peter was due to be slaughtered because his old owners no longer wanted him, he had his date booked and his time was nearly up. When we heard this, we had to do something. We bought him back to the farm and he’s settled right in. He doesnt take any nonsense, and most definitely keeps the gang in check. When Peter’s not eating, he can be found sleeping in one of our beds.

The Supporting Cast…

Alpaca Facts

They've been domesticated for 6,000 years

Around 6000 years ago the Andean people started to domesticate alpacas.

Alpacas are the smallest members of the camel family

On average, an Alpaca is around 3 feet high at the shoulder, and 4-7 feet long.

Their fur isn't just super soft...

…it also does not retain water. In fact, it’s the second strongest animal fibre after mohair!

Alpacas come in 22 colours!

From a deep blue-black through browns and tans to white, how many have you seen?

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