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Our Farm isn’t just great for Alpacas, we also sell a range of chickens, including Orpingtons, Silkies, and Polish Bantams.

Our Breeds of Chicken


Orpingtons are gentle, docile and very affectionate, meaning they make great additions to any family. With patience and love they will become like little lap dogs, following you around whereever you go and coming to you for a cuddle. They are great layers too, laying roughly 280 eggs a year. Whats not to love!?


Silkies make incredible pets, especially for families with small children. They are sweet natured, calm and extremely loving. We’ve never known a silkie not love a cuddle. Due to their size, they don’t mix well with other species as they’re prone to being bullied. Silkies are said to lay around 150 eggs a year but from our experience they have shown to be the best layers, often getting one per day.

Polish Bantams

Polish Bantams make great pets, their appearance instantly puts a smile on your face. They’re very curious and etremely affectionate, and they seem happiest when theyre cuddled up safely in your arms. We’d advise against noisy households, or homes with large animals as they get very nervous and scare easily. They lay on average 200 small eggs a year – and they are delicious!

Price List

 Day Old to Point of Lay.

2-4 Weeks….. £12.00

4-7 Weeks….. £14.00

7-10 Weeks….. £16.00

10-12 Weeks….. £18.00

12-14 Weeks….. £20.00

14-16 Weeks….. £22.50

16-20 Weeks….. £25.00

20-25 Weeks….. £30.00

Point of Lay….. £40.00

Cockerels also available.

How it Works


Get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements. We can let you know about our current and future availability. Use our Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page to start the process.

Meet Brad

Whether online, in-person, or just over the phone, our poultry expert Brad will be able to give you guidance on the best way forward for your requirements. Once your chickens have been reserved, we will take payment and advise when you can collect.

Collect your Chickens!

Once all is said and done, and your chickens are ready to collect, you will drive to Vallets Farm Barn to collect your chickens. Why not try an Alpaca Walk while you’re here?

Why Vallets Farm Barn?

When looking for the perfect pet chicken, you want to ensure it comes from a caring, responsible breeder. At Vallets Farm Barn, we take great pride in raising happy, healthy chickens in a low-stress, enriching environment. Our small family farm in rural Shropshire provides plenty of fresh air and space for our chickens to express their natural behaviors.

We focus on raising docile, friendly breeds like Orpingtons, Polish Bantams, and Silkies that make ideal pets. From the time they hatch until they go to their forever homes, our chickens receive individual attention and care. We handle them frequently so they become accustomed to people.

Our chickens are never given hormones or antibiotics. We believe in raising them as naturally as possible. They are fed a balanced diet to support good health and proper growth.

When you get a chicken from Vallets Farm Barn, you can trust it has been well-socialised and will be a perfect fit for family life. We would love to help you find your new feathered friend!


Natural Environment


Natural Diet



Our Chickens

Are reared with love!

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